“Carrot and Stick” Enhance Comprehensive Innovation Strength

  To comprehensively enhance innovation inoculation ability, Shanghai must choose some major scientific research and industrial direction to promote continuously. In this process, we must adhere to the strategy and cutting-edge orientation, focusing on areas that have comparative advantages, long-term sustainability, and are not easily imitated.
  Zhuang Wei believes that Shanghai should not only vigorously lay out the frontier original innovation and strategic key technologies, but also must find ways to promote and encourage each other. For example, the promotion of ultra-super fast photonic science, material genome, micro-nano manufacturing technology, etc., can provide key front-end technical support and platform research support for strategic emerging industries such as energy, biomedicine, information and computers; The development of performance calculation, mass data storage and analysis, and other big data, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart transportation, smart city, etc.; In addition, magnetic levitation and super high-speed rail, high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cell and other strategies Products require synergy and innovation support in many fields such as materials, chemistry, information, and equipment manufacturing. In general, the above-mentioned subject areas and technical directions, Shanghai has the foundation and conditions to further optimize the allocation of innovative resources and form an innovative source.
  In addition to creating innovative “hard power”, Shanghai must constantly optimize its innovation ecology and strengthen its “soft power”, including encouraging scientific exploration driven by curiosity, promoting the development of functional platforms for R&D and transformation, and optimizing the structure and quality of scientific and technological innovation talents. Building a global innovation network with the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. Only by exerting strength in multiple dimensions can Shanghai enhance its voice in global science and technology innovation cooperation and competition, thus providing an inexhaustible motive force for improving urban energy level and core competitiveness.
  Source: Wenhui Paper, Zhuang Wei: Associate Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Science and Head of Industrial Innovation Research Office.