Liu Yan, Secretary of the Municipal Science and Technology Party Committee, Came to ScienceInstitute for Research and Guidance.

  On the morning of June 3, 2019, Liu Yan, secretary of Municipal Science and Technology Party Committee, and Luo Dajin, deputy director of Municipal Science and Technology Commission, led the team to visit our institute for research and guidance, the responsible comrades in the room are accompanied by Municipal Science and Technology Party Committee Office, Organizational Cadre Office, Comprehensive Development Division of Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Strategic Planning Department . Comrade Shi Qian, Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Party, Comrade Zhang Conghui, deputy director of the Party Branch and deputy director of the Party, and all middle-level cadres attended the symposium.
  Comrade Shi Qian reported on the development of Science Institute in the past three years, and the next step of work with the theme of "adhering to the party building to lead the mission, and strengthening the construction of high-level scientific and technological innovation think tanks".Deputy Director Zhang Conghui made a supplementary report. The responsible comrades of the various departments of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the middle-level cadres exchanged speeches.
  Luo Dajin, deputy director, said that Science Institute have caught up with the good opportunity of the development of think tanks and maintained a good mental state. We should continue to keep a clear head and raise their sense of responsibility and crisis. First, we must firmly grasp the construction of talent teams and optimize Structure, improve ability; second, we must further work on reform. With the introduction of the "Article 25 of the Science and Technology Reform", it is necessary to strengthen exploration and improve the management level in the scientific research organization mechanism, the construction of the talent team, and the optimization of the salary system;The third is to protect, inherit and develop the cultural construction of a harmonious team, and insist on doing research with thoughts, depth, and sentiment; fourth, to further shape brand products, in addition to paying attention to the current concerns, we must also do research with forward-looking, Strategic and fundamental,really makes the research solid and deep.
  In his concluding remarks, Secretary Liu Yan fully affirmed the current overall development of Institute of Science and achievements. He said that there are the good cultural inheritance of science, young and energetic talent team, a solid foundation for party building. Besides, good development opportunity has appeared, increased staffing, approval of postdoctoral workstations, and overall promotion of Huaihai Road relocation, the committee will also comprehensively plan the construction of science institute.In the future, Science Institute should further create a warm and united cultural atmosphere so that researchers can work more comfortably. Secondly, we must further explore suitable talents and provide opportunities and stages for talents to get training. Third, we must further carry out the theme education of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission", continuously improve the leadership of the party building, and promote reform and development.Secretary Liu Yan hopes that the Institute of Science will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with world's top think tank institutions, and will make positive contributions to the development of science and technology innovation in Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta and even whole country; further improve forward-looking strategic research, and truly demonstrate the influence of high-level international technology think tanks.