Political reform department of the Ministry of Science and Technology is in the seminar of "Strategic Science and Technology Power" and "National Innovation System Research" held by Science institute

  On the afternoon of February 21, 2019, and on the morning of the 22nd, Tang Fuqiang, Director of the Department of Economic Reform of the Ministry of Science and Technology, attended the two expert seminars on "Strategic Science and Technology Power" and "National Innovation System Research" in the 1015 conference room of our institute. Luo Dajin, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and the responsible comrades of the relevant departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Shi Qian, the director of our institute, and Li Wan, the deputy director of the institute. The relevant team of our institute reported on the progress of the research.
  At the seminar, around the research topics of mobilizing national key scientific and technological forces and promoting the construction of national innovation system, Zhu Zhiyuan, Party Secretary of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Party Secretary of Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Sun Zhenrong, Vice President of East China Normal University, Party Committee of Southeast University Economics and Management Research Institute Professor Zhong Weijun and other experts have published wonderful views from the Institute of Strategic Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute, the National Science and Technology Evaluation Center, the 28th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Many experts from the People's Government Development Research Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, and Zhangjiang Laboratory also conducted full exchanges.
  At the meeting, Director Tang Fuqiang and the experts conducted in-depth discussions. While affirming the progress of our previous research, we proposed the next step in further clarifying the connotation of strategic scientific and technological strength and in-depth research on the measurement model of the national innovation system. Suggest. Director Luo Dajin hopes that I will grasp the key research task requirements, exert the platform effect, and cooperate with experts and scholars in all fields to promote research with higher quality.