Our Institute Exchange with Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University for Postdoctoral Training and Comprehensive Cooperation

  Recently, to advance the construction of postdoctoral workstation, strengthen scientific research cooperation with well-known colleges and universities. Researcher and director Shi Qian, deputy director Li Wan respectively led team to visit Fudan university, Shanghai Jiaotong university, Tongji university and other universities, director of technology research center Ying-chun Wang, deputy director Wu Yingying comrades to attend the relevant activities.
  Chen Qiang, director of the liberal arts office of Tongji university, Jin Fuan, secretary of the party committee of school of economics and management, and Xie En, vice president of school of economics and management, warmly welcomed director Shi Qian and his delegation, and hoped to promote in-depth cooperation between the two sides through postdoctoral work, explore and establish a stable coordination mechanism, and jointly organize related research and activities. Director Shi Qian hopes to give full play to the role of "reservoir" of talents and systematically train postdoctoral doctors with the major national and provincial projects as the guidance. He also hopes that Tongji university can provide the science institution with strong support in discipline construction, research methods, models and other aspects.
  Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College of Economics and Management the former executive director of school of economics, applied economics Chen Xian professor, head of the post-doctoral mobile stations, professor Shou-gui Luo received Shi Qian director such as a line, the two sides revolve around the construction of learning development, subject construction, talent team construction, postdoctoral site cooperation under the science and creation center carried out in-depth communication.
  The personnel department of Fudan University Wang Guanglin, deputy director and the institute of international relations and public affairs Chun-kui Zhu gave a warm reception to Li Wan, a deputy director of the line, the two sides on the value, results of postdoctoral workstation set up attribution, exchange, launched a discussion such as assessment index agreed around the construction of the postdoctoral workstation, deepen scientific research cooperation and personnel exchanges.
  Through the communication, the science institution has made clear about the working direction and implementation mechanism of the joint postdoctoral training with three relevant mobile stations of universities, which has also laid a good foundation for our further cooperation and exchange with other universities.