Shanghai association of science and technology to exchange views

  On the morning of January 15, 2019, Huang Xinghua, a member of the party leading group of the municipal association for science and technology and deputy inspector, came to our institute for exchange visit. Shi Qian, secretary and director of the CPC general branch, Li Wan, member of the CPC general branch and deputy director of the CPC general branch received visitors, and Wang Yingchun, director of the research center for science and technology development, Wu Yingying, deputy director and other relevant comrades attended the discussion.
  Vice inspector Huang Xingua introduced the thoughts of the association on the construction of think tank and explained the purpose of his visit. Director Shi Qian extended a warm welcome to the guests, introduced the thoughts on the construction of the think tank, and stressed that the municipal science association has the advantages of scientists and societies, and hoped that both sides could strengthen cooperation and exchanges. Deputy director Li wan introduced the development of our institute and the next step, director Wang Yingchun introduced the think tank new media think twice about the relevant situation.
  The two sides held in-depth discussions on such topics as think tank building, product building, community of scientists and talent exchange, and reached consensus on further strengthening cooperation.