The Cork Delegation's Visit to SISS

A delegation from Cork, Ireland visited SISS on the 2nd of November for exchanges and scholarly discussions. Among the delegations are Ann Doherty, the Chief Executive of Cork City Council; Seamus Coghlan, the Head of Economic Development, Strategic Directorate of Cork City Council; Deirdre Hunt, Professor of University College Cork; Siobhan Finn, Project Director of Cork Innovates; Myriam Cronin, Director of SPRINT Incubator, University College Cork and Katherine Fitzpatrick, Director for International Relations from Cork Chamber of Commerce. Shi Qian, the Director of SISS took part in the discussions along with other relevant colleagues from SISS.

Ann Doherty thanked SISS for inviting the delegation to come and visit, and introduced the members of delegations to SISS and clarified the purpose of the visit. Professor Deirdre Hunt presented the background of S&T in Cork, and the commonalities and differences between the developmental path of S&T in Shanghai and Cork from a comparative perspective. She also showed the development of cutting-edge tech industries in Cork to SISS, and offered suggestions for future directions of bilateral cooperation. Myriam Cronin demonstrated the supportive role played by the SPRINT Incubator, UCC in helping the researchers at the university in translating their research into products. She also presented relevant information on the maker space and details of innovation and entrepreneurship development in Cork.

Shi Qian, the Director of SISS expressed a warm welcome to the guests from Cork and introduced the working areas and main research fields of SISS. Both sides have discussed future opportunities for bilateral cooperation. Chang Jing, Vice Director of Innovation Policy Research Office, presented the recently published research product of SISS, “Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center Index Report, and answered questions from the Cork Delegation about research methods and data. Moreover, both sides has discussed topics on gender equality of working in areas of STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has reached consensus on future cooperation among two sides.


the Cork Delegation


SISS meeting the Cork Delegation