Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Cyberspace Security - Science and Technology Development Report No. 5 of 2018 held in Science Institute

  On the afternoon of September 6, the research report on the development of science and technology in the 5th issue of the 2018 (the 27th issue) was held in the 1015 Academic Report Hall of the Institute. Professor Yan Songyuan from the University of London in the United Kingdom was invited to give a report on "Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Cyberspace Security". Zhang Conghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy Director of the Party, presided over the report.
  Professor Yan Songyuan started from the " ancestor " Turing of artificial intelligence, computer science and cryptography, emphasized its important contributions and achievements and pointed out that it laid the foundation stone and touchstone for the development of artificial intelligence industry. The relationship between cryptography and artificial intelligence is analyzed in detail, and it is pointed out that all three belong to applied mathematics. At the same time, Professor Yan pointed out that cyberspace as the fifth space, the United States, the United Kingdom and China's institutional settings in cyberspace, through a large number of examples to introduce cyberspace security measures and methods of attack, Professor Yan also on innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology policy formulation make a suggestion.
  In the interactive session, the participants discussed the influence of artificial intelligence on employment and the influence of quantum mechanics on network security and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with Professor Yan.