Dominique Guellec, Head of Science and Technology Policy Department of OECD Science and Technology Innovation Council, visited our Institute

  Dominique Guellec, head of the Science and Technology Policy Department of the Science and Technology Innovation Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, came to our office to have a discussion on the afternoon of September 5, 2018,. Associate Professor Chang Jing, deputy director of the Innovation Policy Research Office of our institute, and related comrades of the Science and Technology Development Research Center, Strategic Planning Research Office, and Industrial Innovation Research Office attended the meeting.
  At the meeting, the two sides focused on the research progress of the national innovation system, the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, the collection and analysis of scientific research data, the role of universities in the innovation network, the EU digital construction and project screening, industrial park construction, subversive technology screening and policy response. Discuss academic issues and exchange discussions. In addition, the two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on joint project research and joint seminars.