Ideal City 2020: A Survey Report on Global Science and Technology Innovation Cities for 2035

Global cities play an important role as distribution centers of innovation elements, talent agglomeration and flow hubs, and sources of disruptive innovations in the critical phases of each major global scientific and technological progress and industrial transformation,a dn during the transformation of the global economic pattern and the rise of emergin powers. To support the needs of the new round of mid- and long-term sicnece and technology innobation development planning, study the change trends in teh status and influence of cities in the global innovation network, and predict the potential innovation breakthrough points of cities, Shanghai Institute for Science of Science entrusted Springer Nature to conduct the questionnaire survey on global science and technology innovation cities for 2035. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey completed by over 700 front-line scientists from all over the world living in 20 gobal science and technology innovation cities, this report analyzed the macroscopical trends in the flow and agglomeration of scientists among major cities around the world, predictied the cities that have the potential for making major scientific and technological breakthroughs in the next 5-15 years, and looked into the future relationship between science and technology innovation and urban development.

To download the full report please click here:  Ideal city 2020

ideal city 2020