Turing Award Laureate John E. Hopcroft Renewed His Term as SISS’s Honorary Research Fellow

In the afternoon of June 1, 2021, a special ceremony was held to appoint Professor John E. Hopcroft as the honourary research fellow of SISS for a new term. Director Shi Qian presented the letter of appointment to Professor John Hopcroft, and Deputy Director Wu Shouren presided over the meeting.

Professor John Hopcroft gave a lecture on "Building AI Talent in Shanghai". Based on his teaching experience in China and the United States (55 years at Cornell University and Princeton University in the United States, and 10 years at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Peking University in China), he analysed ways to carry out reform in computation and to train top talents in AI, from the aspects of regional differences, educational reform, essence of technology and developmental trend, thus promoting the economic and social development of the country and the region. At the end of the lecture, Professor John Hopcroft gave a brief overview of the latest developments in artificial intelligence and deep learning.

After the lecture, the attendees had an in-depth exchange and discussion with Professor John Hopcroft on AI talent development, differences in talent training between China and the rest of the world, international relations and technological competition, China's current situation in AI , AI governance and other issues.