The Unveiling Ceremony of the New Working Space at 1634 Middle Huaihai Road

  On the morning of April 1, the unveiling ceremony of SISS and SGST Management Center( Shanghai Science and Technology Talent Development Center and Shanghai Work Service Center for Foreign Working in China was held in No.1634, Middle Huaihai Road. Liu Yan, secretary of the Municipal (Shanghai) Committee of the Communist Party of China of science and technology, and Zhang Quan, director of Shanghai Science & Technology, unveiled and addressed. XieWenlan, deputy director of Shanghai Science & Technology, officiated the ceremony.


  Secretary Liu Yan referred that2020 is the year for the basic framework construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center to show the achievements. And it is also the year for the innovation centre to contrive for the medium and long term and the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan. Hoping science institutes together with platforms take opportunities of the new environment and new chance and take a further step to deepen the reformand be responsible and productive. Office area on Huaihai Road, enjoying the best office environment and surrounded by think tank institutions, is a veritable accumulation area. Two institutions should converge top international think tank talents, give full play to speciality, characteristics and advantages and do their best to support and serve the construction of the science and technology innovation center.


  Director Zhang Quan indicated that resources should be further integrated which should strengthen cooperation and draw on each other's strengths. Modern science and technology innovation landmark and technology service brand should be built with historical precipitation and technology speciality. These strategies will make a greater contribution to the development of shanghai science and technology innovation.


  Shi Qian,  director of SISS and Liu Jinyuan, director of the management center addressed. Director Shi Qian said SISS would cooperate more closely with the associate organization and become a good neighbour, a right partner and a close brother. The institute would cherish the new office environment and wouldn't live down to theexpectation of the leadership from the government. And institute will fulfil the missions and responsibilities that could support the innovation career with the original intention and all strength.