SISS Took Part in the First Session of “Science and Technology China” Think Tank Joint Conference

  From December 5th to 6th, 2019, the first session of the "Science and Technology China" Think Tank Joint Conference, hosted by Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, was held in Beijing. The theme is the Medium and Long Term Plan for the Foresight of Science and Technology Development. The conference aimed at speeding up the construction of the new type of science and technology think tank, supporting the National and Regional Medium and Long Term Plan and the research on the Fourteenth Five Year Plan on Science and Technology Innovation. Shi Qian, Secretary of Party General Branch and director of SISS, with Zhu Xueyan, director of the Strategic Planning Research Office, Zhuang Jun, director of Industrial Innovation Research Office and Tang Tianbo, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Development Research Center, attended the conference.


  Hu Zhijian, President of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, made the keynote speech entitled Study on the Trend of Word Science, Technology and Industrial Revolution. Eleven experts and scholars, from Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Chinese Academy Sciences Institute of Science and Development, National Academy of Innovation Strategy and other Chinese university and research institute, made plenary speeches in accordance with the theme.

At the roundtable, Director Shi Qian introduced SISS’s research on the National Medium and Long Term Science and Technology development plan and the current development of Shanghai’s medium and long term science and technology development plan and the Fourth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development. Director Shi also shared his thoughts on capacity to systemize construction, corresponding to Sun Zhongfeng’s (Division Chief of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality) report on Considerations for Shanghai Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Development Strategy. Lastly Director Shi recommended the Pujiang Innovation Forum—2020 International Science, Technology and Innovation Think Tank Forum to the audiences, that the past sessions has received considerable attention from think tanks throughout the world.