Science Institute Held a Consultation Meeting on the Opening of the "Study on the Technical Competition Situation and Development Roadmap of Key Fields in Shanghai Science and Technology"

  On the afternoon of July 24, 2019, the Shanghai Soft Science Research Project “Study on the Technical Competition Situation and Development Roadmap of Shanghai Science and Technology Key Areas”by ScienceInstitute,was reviewedon an expert consultation meeting. Soft scientific research experts and technical experts from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University and East China Normal University were invited. Prof. Shi Qian, director of our institute, attended the meeting. Zhuang Wei, director of Industrial Innovation Research Office, presided over the meeting and reported on the overall research ideas, key points, methods and organizational promotion plans on behalf of the project team. The project team researchers participated in the discussion and exchange.
  The project aims to analyze the domestic and international competition situation in key areas of Shanghai science and technology, conduct research and judgment on short-board and bottleneck technology in key areas of Shanghai science and technology, propose corresponding development orientation and ideas, and provide decision-making reference for promoting technological innovation in key areas.
  The project adopts matrix and modular research, and has established the organizational structure of “1 overall group + 5 technical field group + 3 functional module group + 3 special support group + 2 external sub-project group”.The two sub-projects are respectively the "Technical Competition Situation of Shanghai Science and Technology Key Fields Based on Patent Analysis" undertaken by the Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the "Shanghai Science and Technology Military-civilian Integration Technology Competition Situation and Development Countermeasures" undertaken by Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center . The technical field group takes the topic research of “4+X” as the core, and conducts research with the support of resource allocation, innovation and entrepreneurship, and social issues.
  The participating experts put forward suggestions on the development of the project research, and conducted in-depth discussions on the “4+X” field research entry point and the integration and connection between the key areas of technology. It is hoped that the project research can propose more operational Suggestions for the development of key areas in Shanghai. The opening of the project will further clarify the project research objectives and implementation plans, laying a good foundation for the next step of research.