Huawei Central Research Institute Visited Science Institute for Discussion and Exchange

  On the afternoon of July 10, 2019, Zhang Jianhong, head of Technical Cooperation Department of Huawei Academia Sinica, and his team came to our office to discuss and exchange. Party Branch Secretary and Director of the Party, Shi Qian received the visiting group and the relevant research comrades attended the forum such as Science and Technology Development Research Center, Strategic Planning Research Office,  Innovation Policy Research Office,  Industrial Innovation Research Office,  Science and Technology and Social Research Office, and  Statistical Evaluation Research Office.
  At the meeting, Minister Zhang Jianhong introduced the development, strategic layout and main research directions of Huawei Academia Sinica. Director Shi Qian welcomed the visit of Huawei Academia Sinica, introduced a series of researches and latest deployments, and shared the results of our recent research, and looked forward to conducting collaborative research and customized research on some topics.Afterwards, the two teams conducted in-depth discussions on global technology development trends, hotspot tracking, innovation ecological cultivation, and international innovation strategy frontiers, and reached consensus on cooperation on related topics.