Meng Haihua: How will 5G influence life?

  # Guangming Daily library Q&A:  #[How will 5G change life? Compared with 4G networks, 5G is bound to bring about an upgrade of the interactive mode. So, what kind of experience and surprise will 5G bring in communication services, infotainment, etc? In the smart city, smart healthcare, car networking, smart pension, etc., what changes will 5G bring to our lives? We invite Dr. Meng Haihua, an associate researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Science, to discuss with you, welcome to leave a message!
  @小笑侠330: I am very concerned about the 5G tariff. Traffic is awkward, how is the charges counted?
  @孟海华博士: For the average consumer, it may adopt a 4G, 5G mashup consumption model. How to charge, I believe that the three major operators are also exploring. The billing method may change. One thing is certain is that the billing method will not be divorced from reality. It will definitely find a corresponding balance between demand and supply, respect the market rules and satisfy consumers.
  @健康快乐气美悦的行行: How does 5G reflect in "fast" on the high-speed rail?
  @孟海华博士: You can use two mobile phones: one to open 5G, one to open 4G, play games or online experience at 300 kilometers per hour, you can get the answer quickly. It is foreseeable that in the near future, things that can be done in the office can be smoothly and freely completed on high-speed trains. This is “fast”.
  @Gefulltao: Does the traffic cost more?
  @孟海华博士: When 3G developed to 4G, everyone was very concerned about this issue. How tariff is closely related to the operator's development strategy. For different consumer groups, operators may launch different package services. In the 5G era, users who are not price sensitive may customize services according to their individual needs.
  @不贰耶: How does 5G build a car networking ecosystem about traffic safety?
  @孟海华博士: Building a traffic safety ecology requires a perfect combination of 5G and artificial intelligence. 5G is expected to set up an information space between the traffic operation and the background computing command. Accurate identification, responsiveness, and rapid processing make traffic safer.
  @CoCo_可可喵屋: Is the efficiency of the 5G network provided by each operator the same?
  @孟海华: The network efficiency problem is closely related to the operator's infrastructure investment, the maturity of the service operation, the service group and service object, the service environment, and the service content. It cannot be simply discussed.
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  This article was published on June 13, 2019, Guangming Daily.