ShiQian: Make “Technology magic” an attractive point of Shanghai

  “Technology Reform Article 25” adheres to the principle of enhancing the ability of innovation and policy, adheres to the orientation of demand, problem orientation and effect orientation, and puts forward research on the fundamental issues such as “who lead innovation”, “where is the power to come” and “achievement transformation”. The six major reform tasks, including the iconic and driving, include Article 25, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in reforms in key areas and key links.
  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "the field of science and technology is the most in need of continuous reform." "Promoting independent innovation, the most urgent is to break down institutional and institutional obstacles." In recent years, Shanghai has successively issued “22 Items on Science and Technology Innovations”, “20 promotions on Talents” and “30 promotions on Talents”, and the innovation strength has been continuously improved. Continue to promote the "shamrocks" reform of the science and technology system, and build strategic and scientific strength. The "25 reforms of science and technology" clearly proposes to focus on the construction of Zhangjiang National Comprehensive Science Center, and explore the "three refusals" for high-level innovation platforms and institutions such as national laboratories. A comprehensive "management mechanism" to provide long-term stable and sustained support; support the central government's research institutions in Shanghai to build world-class research institutions, break the institutional and institutional barriers that restrict the level of science and technology and enhance the ability to innovate, and effectively safeguard national strategic security and technology with high-level original results. Domain security.
  To solve the " chronic disease ", extent all subjects to a full sense of acquisition, and express the inner driving innovation and create vitality, the key is to focus on the core problem and unlock the tight bond. How to expand scientific research autonomy? The realization form of the corporate governance structure of the anchoring institution, such as improving the management system of modern scientific research institutes, implementing the management of the charter, expanding the autonomy of selecting and employing people, the result of disposition, and the distribution of salaries in scientific research activities; how to create a fair competitive market environment? “Do not look at the identity and function”, encourage social forces to set up new research and development institutions; how to create a stage for curiosity and exploration? Increase the support of basic research, give play to the "leverage" and guiding role of government investment, and so on.
  The trick of innovation lays on talents. “Article 25 of the Science and Technology Reform” will focus on the truly capable and contributing researchers. To inject "Innovation Magic" into 100 attractions of Shanghai, we must shape the environmental competitiveness based on trust, with incentive as the core and honesty as the bottom line. Adhere to the combination of youth inclusive support and stable support of high-end talents; implement a distribution policy based on increasing knowledge value; establish a joint disciplinary system on scientific research integrity; and pilot the abolition of job evaluation of scientific and technological achievements and record management Procedures, establish a state-owned technology intangible assets investment supervision mechanism in line with the transformation of results; set up technology transfer professional positions in colleges and universities, allowing the proportion of not less than 10% in the net conversion income to be used for institutional capacity building and personnel rewards.
  Openness, innovation and tolerance have become Shanghai's most distinctive characters. To create a prosperous and innovative ecology, the “Article 25 of Science and Technology Reform” once again reflects the openness character and benefits. Lead a clear introduction to the deepening of the reform of the investment and trade facilitation in the free trade zone and the reform of the investment and trade liberalization of the new area. Opportunities to gather global innovation resources in a wider area, on a larger scale and at a higher level; Support international science and technology organizations, world-renowned universities, research institutes, and science and technology service institutions to settle in Shanghai, and create an open ecology for Shanghai scientists to actively initiate or participate in international science programs; carry forward the profound accumulation of Shanghai's innovation culture, and make the scientific spirit and contract rules become the brand of surging innovation is not only the basis of inheritance, but also the foundation of the future.
  "Article 25 of the reform" is not only the "design map" of the deepening reform, but also the "construction map" of engineering advancement. It embodies the reform ideas, directions and key points of the system planning to meet the requirements of high-quality development in the new period, and also the future science and technology system. The reform leaves plenty of room for deep development and exploration of new innovative practices.
  The author is a researcher at the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, Shi Qian, researcher. This article was published in the Wenhui Daily on March 29, 2019.