Former Research Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Consultant Researcher Xu Heping Guested at Expert Forum

  On the morning of November 19, 2018, the 10th (general 45th) expert forum of 2018 was held in the academic lecture hall of our institute. Xu Heping, former inspector of the general office of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and consultant researcher of our institute, was invited to give a special report on "Research on Innovation Strategy". Shi Qian, secretary and director of the general party branch of our institute, attended and presided over the meeting. Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy director Li Wan attended the meeting.
  Researcher Xu Heping combined his practice and thinking of experience. Firstly, he put forward that innovation research is facing a historical opportunity period. He believed that in the era of rapid change, traditional theoretical methods are facing challenges, and innovation policy research is becoming the mainstream. The second is a systematic introduction of research and writing methods, including how to find critical points, how to carry out research, how to form conclusions and matters needing attention in the final draft. Third, it sorts out several strategic problems that our country science and technology innovation development is experiencing at present. At last, how to construct the think tank of science and technology and how to cultivate the strategic thinking ability and basic research ability of the think tank personnel is expounded.
  Xu Heping, former inspector of general office of Ministry of Science and Technology, director of research office, consultant researcher of Shanghai Institute for Science of Science. He is also the deputy director of the economic development committee of small and medium-sized cities under the Chinese society of urban economics. He served successively as director of the research office of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, member of the Committee of China Business News, chief editor of the excellent shopping newspaper, and head of the Research Department of the Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Participated in the research and formulation of a series of national important programs such as national medium-long-term science and technology development plans and supporting policies.