Yan Junhao, Academician Guested at Expert Forum in Science Institute

  On the morning of November 13, 2018, the expert forum of the 9th issue of 2018 (the total 44th issue) was held in the 1015 Academic Lecture Hall of our institute. Researcher Yan Junhao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an expert in infrared optoelectronic physics and semiconductors, was invited to give a special report on “Growing in the Sunshine of Reform and Opening up”. Researcher Shi Qian, the Party Branch Secretary and Director of the Party, presided over the meeting. Zhang Conghui, deputy director of the Party Branch and deputy director of the Party, and Li Wan, deputy director of the Party, attended the meeting.
  Academician Chu Junhao recalled his study and scientific research experience, and demonstrated the profound impact of reform and opening up on the destiny of individuals and countries with his personal experience. Chu said young researchers need to fully develop their potential, build a strong mind and physique. One requirement  is adaptable, tenacious, like grass take nutrients from environment and others. Secondly, we should cultivate such inner qualities as diligence, wisdom, gradualism and farsightedness. We should follow the trend of The Times and forge ahead step by step. Third, we need to pool the driving force of interest, demand, spirit and responsibility. We need to cultivate a sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission to live up to the trust of others. Zhu also pointed out that in order to make achievements in scientific research, the first step is to determine a meaningful research direction and breakthrough point, the second step is to adhere to lofty aspirations and get rid of fickleness, and the last step is to carry forward the spirit of win-win cooperation.
  Director Shi Qian expressed his gratitude to academician Chu Junhao for his report, stressing that the life experience and feelings of academician Chu are especially worthy for young researchers to learn from. The participants then had an in-depth exchange of views with Zhu on the development of Science Theory and the reform of the scientific and technological system.
  Chu Junhao is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an expert in the field of infrared photoelectron physics and semiconductor technology. He is currently the deputy director of the science and technology committee of Shanghai Institute of Technology Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the dean of the school of information science and technology of east China normal university, and the dean of the school of science and technology of Donghua university. Academician Chu Junhao is also the chief editor of the journal of infrared and millimeter wave. He used to be the vice chairman of Shanghai association for science and technology, the chairman of Shanghai society of infrared and remote sensing, the chairman of Shanghai association of popular science writers, and the director of SPIE. It has won 3 national natural science awards and 12 provincial science and technology awards. He is the chief scientist of the national major scientific research program and the academic leader of the innovation research group of the national natural science foundation of China. He has trained more than 80 doctoral students, two of whom have won the national hundred excellent doctoral thesis awards.