Liberation Daily: Making Innovation a Powerful Kinetic Energy for High Quality Development

   Following the requirement of General Xi, take the initiative to reform and promote high-quality economic development
  China's economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. The problems of unbalanced and inadequate development and various cyclical, structural and institutional factors are intertwined and overlapping, making our work more difficult. But we are determined to achieve the goals as long as we maintain our strategic focus and concentrate on major affairs. The remarks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his recent visit to Shanghai have aroused strong repercussions among officials. It’s broadly recognized that they should take the initiative to make changes and promote high-quality economic development in accordance with the requirements of the general secretary.
  Increase the innovation sourcing ability
  It’s required by General Secretary Xi that Shanghai should promote high-quality economic development, and actively promote quality change, efficiency change, and power change, work hard to improve urban economic density, improve input and output efficiency, and work hard to improve the allocation of global resources and increase the innovation sourcing ability.
  Chen Mingbo, director of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, said that to promote Shanghai's industrial economy and informatization work, we must plan and implement the new development concept, serve the city's energy level and enhance the core competitiveness, coordinate innovation, transform strategic transformation, promote strategic advantages, and  stimulate quality change, efficiency change, power change. It is necessary to stimulate the powerful dynamism of high-quality economic development in reform and innovation. With the supply-side structural reform as the main line, optimize the industrial economic spatial layout, industry structure and factor system, guide the cluster development with industrial maps, focus on high-end high-tech industries to improve input and output efficiency, focus on key transition areas to create high-economy new industry districts. To expand the openness and expand the global vision of high-quality economic development. Focusing on the development of higher quality integration in the Yangtze River Delta, we will strengthen planning convergence, mechanism docking, platform construction, and benefit sharing to create a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster and a new highland for digital economic development.
  Zhang Quan, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Shanghai further pointed out the development direction of Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation. Shanghai science and technology work should aim at the forefront of the world's science and technology, strengthen the forward-looking layout and integration of scientific and technological innovation; deepen international scientific and technological cooperation, build a platform for international innovation, build a joint laboratory, launch a major international science plan; foster innovation and entrepreneurial soil, accelerate the transfer of results, Transforming, vigorously cultivating and introducing innovative and entrepreneurial talents make Shanghai a place of choice for innovation with high openness, attractiveness and fruitful results.
  Strengthening the forward-looking layout of technological innovation
  Wang Jianyu, dean of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, secretary of the party group, and secretary of the Shanghai Party Committee, said that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great expectation on science and technology innovation, especially for creating "World Record" , achieving "world's leading" and "Chinese original". The high degree of certainty of scientific facilities and major achievements is both an encouragement to us and a spur to us. General Secretary Xi proposed to aim at the forefront of the world's science and technology, strengthen the forward-looking layout of scientific and technological innovation, focus on key areas, gather elite strengths, and make major breakthroughs as soon as possible, so that innovation becomes a powerful kinetic energy for high-quality development. The institutes of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will aim at the original achievements, lead the technology, solve the problem of "card neck" and "one foot", and strive to play the role of the "national team" of scientific research and contribute to the scientific peak construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center. Our own strength provides a higher quality technology supply for the country's innovation-driven development.
  Han Bin, director of the Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences/Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, said that in order to achieve major original and innovative breakthroughs in basic research, first-class research institutions should provide guarantee and support on institutional mechanisms and research platforms; There are major and long-term research goals; there must be a first-class research team with multiple disciplines. From now on, we must have a stronger sense of urgency, and we must have a good vision, mind and courage to unite and train first-class innovative talents and play their role.
  Focus on the real economy
  "General Secretary Xi's important speech is not only a strategic mission entrusted to Shanghai, but also an inherent demand of Shanghai's inner development." Shi Qian, director of the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, said that the improvement of science and technology innovation ability will inject strong impetus to the development of the real economy.
  Zheng Jianhua, party secretary and chairman of Shanghai electric group, said General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal to focus on the real economy for high-quality development encouraged them and strengthened their confidence and determination to become stronger, bigger and better in high-end equipment manufacturing. New era under the new requirements, the Shanghai electric will hold a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution of strategic opportunities, to build new pillar industries, technology innovation to speed up the technology foresight layout, strengthen global resource allocation, further deepen the reform of the systems and mechanisms, to promote the equipment manufacturing industry to realize a new smart update and span development make a positive contribution.
  Ye Jun, chairman of Shanghai ZhaoXin integrated circuit co., LTD., said General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed during his visit to Zhangjiang Science City that science and technology have never had such a profound impact on the future and destiny of the country and people's well-being. As high-tech enterprise focusing on high-end CPU design and development, ZhaoXin continuously strengthen technological innovation sense of urgency and sense of mission. Carry out technical research with large-scale application to promote product progress, for greater breakthrough in the field of core technology as a corporate role .
  Three types of equipment which independently developed by China Micro Semiconductor Equipment Co., ltd. were selected into the exhibition hall of ZhangJiang Science City . Cao Liansheng, vice President of China Micro Semiconductor, said the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the investigation of Shanghai IC achievements reflected the great importance attached by the CPC central committee to high-tech industries such as IC, which greatly motivated the employees of China Micro Semiconductor. All employees of the company will redouble their efforts in independent innovation and help China's IC industry achieve leapfrog development.
  Publishing date: 2018-11-19 on Liberation Daily