Wang Xueying


  Wang Xueying. Master of Chemistry from Shandong University, Ph.D. in Chemistry from Shandong University, Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is currently an associate researcher at the Innovation Policy Research Office if Shanghai Institute for Science of Science.
  At present, the main research areas are: science and technology planning, science and technology policy, high-tech industry development, innovation system, innovation platform construction.
  Hosting and participating in “Shanghai Science and Technology “12th Five-Year Plan”, “Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation “13th Five-Year Plan”, “Shanghai Life Science Development Outlook and Foresight Research (2011-2025)”, “Promoting Shanghai Urban Culture Technology” "Technology foresight research on integration of innovation and development", "Study on strategic technology roadmap for semiconductor lighting high-power chips and equipment", "Foresight research on smart manufacturing technology in Shanghai", and "complete vehicle after-sales service model based on third-party service providers" .
  She won the second prize of the 10th Shanghai Decision Consulting Research Achievement Award (ranked third) and the national laboratory related special report was approved by the main leaders of Shanghai. He has published more than ten research papers in high-level academic journals and has participated in the compilation and compilation of many academic works