Expert forum was held to discuss the ideological situation and the development of think tanks

  On the afternoon of July 4th, the expert forum of the 5th (40th issue) of 2018 was held in the 1015 Academic Lecture Hall of our institute. Zhou Zhiqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Liberation Daily and member of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, was invited to give a special report on "The current ideological situation and the development of think tanks." Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary of the Party branch and deputy director of the party, attended the meeting. Li Wan, member of the Party branch and deputy director, presided over the meeting.
  Deputy Secretary Zhou Zhiqiang made an in-depth and systematic analysis of the current ideological situation from the aspects of overall situation, basic trends, stage trends, long-term fortune, and strategic choices, emphasizing that the banner is the direction. In view of the challenges of social diversification and the new characteristics of the transition period, he believes that think tanks have a lot of potential for its unique strategic planning role in the country's economic and social development because of their professionalism, strategy, ideology, acumen and detachment. Grasp the big research and research direction of the new era think tank, grasp the dual characteristics of professionalism and politics, based on the national conditions, grasp the general trend, closely follow the major issues and strategic frontier issues in economic and social development, and reflect the value of think tanks in solving major problems.
  In the interactive session, everyone had an in-depth exchange on how to understand and grasp the major issues and how to implement the ideological work requirements in specific work with deputy secretary Zhou Zhiqiang.