LIWAN: Irreversible Trend in Gathering and Cultivating Scientific Talents

  Strategic scientific talents are those who can make major and pioneering achievements in an era. Gathering and cultivating a certain number of strategic scientific talents is not only indispensable for national rejuvenation, but also the key to maintaining competitive advantage.
  The great significance of gathering and cultivating strategic scientific talents
  The key in forefront of worldwide innovation and development is actively winning strategic scientific talents. The essence of innovation drive is talent drive. New directions, new futures and new achievements are created and developed by the advanced insight and astounding wisdom of strategic scientific talents. The rise of Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries start from attracting strategic scientific talents and acquiring scarce knowledge in the frontier fields, gradually entering the forefront of innovation and truly grasp the major historical opportunities of the technological revolution and industrial transformation, achieving fundamental driving force for leading development.
  The inspiration of the unprecedented explosion of creativity in the entire nation is based on gathering and cultivating scientific talents. Strategic scientific talents and the overall creativity of the nation-state are mutually exclusive. The gathering of strategic scientific talents is an important symbol of national creativity reaching new heights, inspiring the whole nation to pay more attention to education, advocating innovation, exploring the unknown, pioneering and enterprising, and laying the foundation for becoming a world science and technology innovation center.
  The establishment of new world-leading regulations is based on continuously emerging strategic scientific talents. The emergence of strategic scientific and technological talents often requires breakthrough institutional mechanisms, and this institutional innovation essentially reflects and echoes the inherent requirements and trends of the current scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. With the progress and expansion of the scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new organizational form and institutional mechanism will gradually become the dominant institutional arrangement, and will often become the basic regulation of the new round of international competition, thus further consolidating the first-mover advantage
  In recent days, the new technological revolution and industrial transformation are gaining momentum. Whoever wins and possesses sufficient strategic scientific talents in this process and promotes the continuous concentration and emergence of strategic scientific and technological talents in the country will become the leader of future development, the makers of innovation regulations, and the leaders of international competition.
  The basic idea of gathering and cultivating strategic scientific and technological talents
  One is to focus on the emergence of agglomeration. The cultivation and development of strategic scientific talents often show the situation of “top talents, peaks and confrontations”, that is, at the dawn of the frontier of scientific research and entrepreneurship, the most intelligent minds will come together and work together to break through major issues. Bottlenecks are constrained; Afterwards, when the wave of technology spreads to the periphery, these strategic scientific and technological talents will often “lead” to each other like “dandelion”, so that the innovation results can be further expanded. This "dandelion" effect is not uncommon. For example, the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton University in the 1930s (Gathering Einstein, Gödel, von Neumann, etc.), Silicon Valley Fairchild's "eight rebellious" (Noyce, Moore, etc.) and today "PayPal (PayPal, an online payment method) gang" (with Peter Tiel and Elon Musk as the core). Therefore, we should pay full attention to the cluster effect of strategic science and technology talents and form a chain-like reaction to form a situation in which talents continue to gather.
  The second is introductory effect on major tasks. Talents are emerging and growing in the process of making important contributions. Gather, nurture, attract, encourage and support strategic sci-tech talents in the process of major issues and support them in making major national innovation breakthroughs that will affect the next few decades. Cultivate strategic sci-tech talents in the process of conquering major strategic scientific and technological problems.
  The third is to guarantee institutional innovation. New environment, new organizations are essential to gather and cultivate strategic scientific talents, establish grasp the special opportunities for changes in the world's talent flow, set up new special institutions, give unprecedented special mechanisms, and provide effective support through major breakthroughs in institutional mechanisms. Gather, cultivate and motivate strategic scientific talents by new institutions, thus wisdom strategic scientific talents will provide inexhaustible motive force for national development, with first-class mechanism, top talents, create first-class institutions, and historical figures accompanying.
  Suggestions on agglomeration and cultivation of strategic scientific talents
  It is necessary to have a "broadness" in the cultivation of strategic science and technology talents and build a solid foundation for the talent team. Without sufficient number of scientific talents base, continuous emerging top talents will be paper talk. Key suggestions are to establish the concept that everyone is eager to become talented, create an atmosphere in which everyone strives to become talented, and build a mechanism in which everyone can be talented, forming an environment in which everyone can show their talents. Form a social atmosphere in which "Talents go first" and promote the value-oriented value orientation of talents that are open, inclusive, daring, and rewarding in the whole society. Continue to accumulate human capital, maximize the popularization of scientific and technological knowledge and advocate scientific spirit, and make China move from a populous country to a human resource power.
  To cultivate strategic scientific talents, we must have a "Competence" and build a world-class education system. Only by establishing a grand ambition to pursue world-class, can we cultivate top strategic and technological talents. Create a world-class education system. Foster and cultivate the personality of daring to question and exploring the unknown. Reform and develop basic education. Develop a research-oriented, innovative and entrepreneurial university taking world-class universities as benchmark. Build a world-class research institution. Convergence resources, integration disciplines, key inputs, optimization mechanisms, and “strategic band” with excellent strategic and technological talents as the core form a team of strategic science and technology talents. Target a world-class strategic deployment. The establishment of major scientific and technological projects has enabled strategic and technological talents to grow up and achieve great achievements in solving major problems.
  Agglomeration of strategic science and technology talents must have “abundance” and form a tropical rainforest-type innovation ecosystem. “Single trees are not forested”, an innovative ecological environment that is nutritious and inclusive is very essential. Open and inclusive to recruit talent. Building a global strategic science and technology talent pool, forming a dynamic tracking list of world-class talents, teams and institutions, as an important basis for the introduction of agglomeration. We will expand the openness of education and scientific research and attract the best young people from all over the world to study and receive education and research and innovation in the world and win top talents from all over the world. Ideological liberation attracts talents. The introduction of strategic scientific and technological talents often requires their teams to implement “transplantation with soil”, and to provide high-intensity investment, high-abundance resources, and high-degree-of-freedom mechanisms to ensure individualized policies of “one person, one policy”. The most suitable research environment. Multi-party integration brings together talents. Promote multi-disciplinary cross-cutting, multi-category convergence, multi-agent docking, create world-class frontier exchange platforms and mechanisms, and form an excellent scientific research ecology of strategic scientific and technological talents exchanges, criticisms, corrections, and interactions.
  Incentive strategic science and technology talents must have "precision" and explore the most innovative institutional mechanisms. Accurate policy, bold innovation, and explore the creation of new R&D and innovation organizations that conform to the laws of science and innovation. Aim at the frontier power. Give strategic and scientific talents sufficient domestic and international exchange facilities and full freedom to use large scientific engineering equipment and equipment.
  Fully empowerment of activation. Give strategic science and technology talents and their teams sufficient technical decision-making power, funding control and resource mobilization rights, and comprehensively remove various institutional bottlenecks that restrict innovation. Improve the guarantee of continued endurance. Reform the investment and evaluation system, giving the strategic science and technology talents and their team the "patience capital" and relaxed atmosphere of "10 years of grinding the sword". Give strategic and technological talents and their teams the greatest convenience in life, so that they can feel at ease, concentrate and do their best to innovate.
  Achieving strategic scientific talents must have a "high degree" and emerge major achievements that will lead the future. Strategic science and technology talents realize their own value in making major technological original contributions. It is about the future direction of humanity. It is necessary to aim to promote strategic and scientific talents to establish a major strategic theme at a high level, and to bring new resources, new kinetic energy and a new future to the world's development with major technological originality. Subversion has a new paradigm. Establishing innovation and self-confidence, breaking the counter-standard and follow-up thinking inertia formed by long-term “following”, encouraging and supporting strategic scientific and technological talents to explore the “mind-first” primary issues, ideas and research routes, and support and support non- Consensus projects to implement more cutting-edge scientific visions and technology foresight. Drive the multidimensional field to promote development. Encourage and support strategic science and technology talents to continue research and industrialization in a promising manner, and spread these pioneering results to relevant fields, leading to extensive changes and greatly enhancing social productivity. It is necessary to promote the formation of a vivid situation in which talents, talents, talents, talents, and talents are constantly emerging, and a powerful intellectual kinetic energy is continuously injected into the construction of a world's science and technology power
  Li Wan, deputy director and researcher of Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, published in the July 25th issue of Learning Times.