Wenhui Paper: How to enhance innovation inoculation ability to its utmost and benchmark the world-top for Shanghai?

  It’s required for Shanghai to make breakthroughs in the core functional development of the Science and Technology Innovation Center, so as to comprehensively improve the city's energy level and core competitiveness. In this regard, the 4th Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee held recently proposed a new development goal, namely, to promote new breakthroughs in the inoculation ability of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center. In the opinion of experts, this move has set a bright light for accelerating the construction of science and technology innovation centers in the new era.
  Innovative inoculation ability is an unrepeatable advantage
  An important symbol to evaluate the energy level and core competitiveness of a city, is to see whether it has distinctive and unrepeatable strategic advantage. The ability of innovative inoculation is one of the advantages.
  Associate Researcher Zhuang Wei, head of the Industrial Innovation Research Office of the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science, said that looking at the development of global cities, the innovation ability has a significant role in enhancing urban energy levels. In Philadelphia, USA, for example, the University of Pennsylvania has the world's top research platform for cell production and translational medicine, forming a group of star R&D teams represented by Professor Carl Zhuen, and thus becoming the most authoritative source of technology in the field of cell therapy. Including the Novartis company, a large number of cell therapy institutions are rooted in this technology, and Philadelphia has become an innovative source of cell therapy, and its urban energy level and core competitiveness have also been greatly improved.
  In recent years, Shanghai has actively implemented the central decision-making and deployment, and the construction of science and technology innovation centers has presented a new atmosphere. However, if benchmarking top global cities, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center is still starter at world-class level. The Shanghai Institute for Science of Science has recently launched a large-scale survey. Taking the US and New York and San Francisco Silicon Valley as reference (set to 100 points), Shanghai's overall technology level score is 75.6 points. In addition, the study found that in the past three years, among the 74 technical directions surveyed, 69 (93%) in Shanghai have narrowed the gap with the international leading level, mostly paralleling, and even in leading position in a few directions.
  At present, the construction of Shanghai Global Science and Technology Innovation Center is entering a new stage, the Municipal Party Committee's Plenary Session proposes that now is the perfect timing to comprehensively enhance Shanghai's ability in innovation inoculation. Zhuang Wei expressed it as a further clarification and focus on the next step of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center development, as well as Shanghai's “Global city of excellence” ambition.
  Create knowledge and lead the industry
  To enhance the ability of innovation inoculation, a precise grasp of connotation of this concept is essential. The relevant "Opinions" reviewed and approved by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee pointed out that Shanghai should strive to become an important global "innovation inoculation source" in the four aspects, which is, "new academic ideas", "new scientific discoveries", "technical new inventions" and "new industry direction".
  From Zhuang Yi’s view, whether a city’s “innovation inoculation “ability has been enhanced can be observed and evaluated around the following six aspects, including its contribution to global knowledge creation, the concentration of global innovation resources, the international influence of scientific and technological achievements, the development leading role of emerging industries, the attraction of innovation and entrepreneurial environment, and the driving force of technological innovation.
  To enhance the ability of innovation inoculation, the first priority is to strengthen the depth of basic research and achieve breakthroughs in key core technologies. At present, the laboratory construction of Shanghai Zhangjiang has made substantial progress, a number of large scientific devices have been approved and construction accelerated; with the establishment of the Li Zhengdao Institute as a symbol, a number of high-level innovation units are increasingly gathering; In the frontier fields, such as brain and brain-like research, human phenotype group and quantum technology, major scientific problems have broken through; in the strategic industries and key core technologies such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, aerospace and marine engineering, accelerate the transition from "follow-up" and " paralleling" "Leading."
  The key to enhancing the ability of innovation policy is to improve the efficiency of the achievement transformation. At present, the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements in Shanghai is about 30%, less than half of that in developed countries. It is necessary to optimize the mechanism, get through the links, eliminate the blocking points, and establish a technological innovation system that takes enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, and deep integration of production, education and research, and foster a group of technology service agencies.
  As an innovation source, we must not only make significant contributions to knowledge creation, but also have the ability to lead the development of emerging industries. To this end, Shanghai must focus on two major clusters: First, a modern industrial cluster with strategic leadership, especially biomedicine and high-end equipment. And artificial intelligence and other emerging industries that are also suitable for Shanghai's development. Second, a cluster of innovative enterprises full of vitality, which requires governments at all levels to be good at discovering and working hard to find local excellent enterprises, providing them with more space and platform. It grew into a towering tree.
   “Carrot and Stick” Enhance Comprehensive Innovation Strength
  To comprehensively enhance innovation inoculation ability, Shanghai must choose some major scientific research and industrial direction to promote continuously. In this process, we must adhere to the strategy and cutting-edge orientation, focusing on areas that have comparative advantages, long-term sustainability, and are not easily imitated.
  Zhuang Wei believes that Shanghai should not only vigorously lay out the frontier original innovation and strategic key technologies, but also must find ways to promote and encourage each other. For example, the promotion of ultra-super fast photonic science, material genome, micro-nano manufacturing technology, etc., can provide key front-end technical support and platform research support for strategic emerging industries such as energy, biomedicine, information and computers; The development of performance calculation, mass data storage and analysis, and other big data, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart transportation, smart city, etc.; In addition, magnetic levitation and super high-speed rail, high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cell and other strategies Products require synergy and innovation support in many fields such as materials, chemistry, information, and equipment manufacturing. In general, the above-mentioned subject areas and technical directions, Shanghai has the foundation and conditions to further optimize the allocation of innovative resources and form an innovative source.
  In addition to creating innovative “hard power”, Shanghai must constantly optimize its innovation ecology and strengthen its “soft power”, including encouraging scientific exploration driven by curiosity, promoting the development of functional platforms for R&D and transformation, and optimizing the structure and quality of scientific and technological innovation talents. Building a global innovation network with the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. Only by exerting strength in multiple dimensions can Shanghai enhance its voice in global science and technology innovation cooperation and competition, thus providing an inexhaustible motive force for improving urban energy level and core competitiveness.
  Source: Wenhui Paper, Zhuang Wei: Associate Researcher of Shanghai Institute of Science and Head of Industrial Innovation Research Office.