Fully launch Shanghai's “four major brands” and take the lead in promoting high-quality development – our research report on the second and third phases of science and technology development in 2018

  On May 9 and 10, the second and third phases of 2018 (Total Issues 24 and 25) were held in the 1015 Academic Report Hall of our institute. Director Guo Yu of the National Economic Integration Office of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Director Liu Ping of the Comprehensive Planning Department of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee made a special report on the construction of Shanghai's “four major brands”. Luo Dajin, Secretary of CPC General Branch and General Director of our institute, presided over the report meeting. Zhang Conghui, deputy director of the Party branch and deputy director, and Li Wan, deputy director of the party, attended the meeting. The researchers and relevant personnel of the institute attended the meeting.
  Guo Yu introduced the background and research experience of the “Four Major Brands” with the theme of “Starting the Four Brands in Shanghai and Promoting High Quality Development”. It analyzed its core connotation and significance and focused on “Shanghai Service”. "The brand building has been elaborated.
  With the theme of “making a strong brand in Shanghai and accelerating the development of a global manufacturing base”, Liu Ping described the promotion of “manufacturing in Shanghai” from the aspects of improving the station, clearing the mission, deploying the action, and creating the environment. "The deployment of the brand and related thinking.
  In the interactive session, participants further discussed the cultivation paths, development characteristics and some typical cases of the four brands.