The Sixth Expert Rostrum of SISS: "Preparing for the Intelligent Age"

  The sixth expert rostrum was held in the SISS on December 26, 2017. Professor Li Renhan, who is as the director of the Institute of Strategic Studies of Shanghai University and former director of the Third Engineering Bureau of China Academy of Engineerin, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Preparing for the Intelligent Age". Luo Dajin, the secretary of the communist party and the director of institute presided over the meeting. Chen Xin, director of the planning department of the municipal commission of science and technology and other relevant researchers of our institute were present at the event.
  Based on the present situation of Chinese economy  and societal environment, Professor Li introduced the great changes brought about by artificial intelligence and shared his thoughts on China's entry into the field of artificial intelligence and he also emphasized the importance of "reconstructing the rules of the game" for "meeting the smart age" .
  Professor Li's report received a warm response from the audiences. During the interactive session, audiences  discussed and exchanged opinions with professor Li on topics such as the technical development trends of artificial intelligence and the impact of artificial intelligence on society, especially in terms of employment.
  Li Renhan, the incumbent dean and professor of Strategic Research Institute of Shanghai University, assistant to chairman and expert committee of “New Generation Strategic Alliance for Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation”,honorary dean of Shulan Medical Research Institute of Shanghai University, director of technical committee of national engineering laboratory of urban rail transit system security technology, etc. Former director of the third bureaus of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.