Academician He Chuanqi of International Eurasia Academy of Sciences at SISS Experts Rostrum as Guest

  On the morning of October 31, the fifth session (33rd in total) of Experts Rostrum in 2017 was held in the Academic Report Hall 1015 of the SISS. Academician He Chuanqi of International Eurasia Academy of Sciences was invited to deliver a special topic report entitled “Opportunities and challenges of the sixth science and technology revolution”. Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy general director of SISS attended the rostrum, deputy general director Li Wan presided over the rostrum, and relevant personnel of the soft science research base of Shanghai and scientific research personnel of SISS attended the rostrum.
  Academician He recalled the evolution of the past five science and technology revolutions and elaborated in detail the opportunities and challenges of the sixth science and technology revolution. He believed that mankind will face a new biological and regenerative revolution, which will thoroughly change the way of human life in learning, family, work, and reproduction. Human beings will be fully liberated. This is an era of regenerative technology that integrates the new biological, industrial and technological revolutions. He also pointed out the challenges of the sixth science and technology revolution to the mankind from the perspective of economic, political, social and cultural influences, which will promote the incubation of new industrial structure and new biological economy.
  In the interaction session, participants conducted exchanges and discussions with Academician He Chuanqi in the field of new biology and the space age.
  He Chuanqi is currently an academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, director of China Modernization Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, leader of the subject group for the research of modernization strategy of China, and co-chairman of the Academic Committee of World Modernization Forum. On innovation policy, he personally drafted the research report Get Prepared for the Era of Knowledge Economy and Build up National Innovation System and the Report Outline on Implementing Pilot for “Knowledge Innovation Program” in Chinese Academy of Sciences.