Zhuang Jun

  Zhuang Jun, a CPC member. Undergraduate and doctor (straight to doctor degree after undergraduate study) majoring in biomedical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, including one year for joint training in the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience of Brown University, US. Temporary transferred to Development Planning Division of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, currently member of the SISS CPC General Branch, deputy director of Industrial Innovation Research Office and associate research fellow.

  Present main research area: Industrial competition analysis, industrial innovation management, technology foresight and roadmap.
  Presided over and participated in soft science research program projects in Shanghai: Soft science project researches including “Research on medium and long-term technology foresight in key scientific and technological areas in Shanghai (Project No.: 13692109300)” and “Research on technology roadmap of major strategic projects (Project No.: 15692106600)”. Awarded with second prize at the Tenth decision-making and consultancy research results of Shanghai (the first author).