Wu Ying

  Wu Ying, a CPC member. Doctor of management science and engineering of Kunming University of Science and Technology, presently associate research fellow of Strategic Planning Research Office.
  Mainly engaged in the decision-making consultancy and research on aspects of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship and scientific and technological service industry, regional innovation and development strategic planning, and enterprise innovation management and practice.
  Presided over and mainly participated in completing more than 40 decision-making consultancy and research subjects, including “Research on the strategy of building Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center with global influence”, “Research on scientific and technological development program strategy of Shanghai in ‘13th Five-Year Plan’”, “Research on promoting the development of innovation ecosystem in Shanghai”, “Research on promoting the development of innovation ecosystem in Shanghai”, “Research on technology foresight for medium and long-term key scientific and technological areas in Shanghai”, “Research on idea of construction of science and technology innovation system in Hongkou District in ‘13th Five-Year Plan’”, “Research on local legislation in Zhangjiang National Self-reliance Innovation Demonstration Zone” and the compilation of science and technology innovation “13th Five-Year Plan” and formulation of action plans of Shanghai Municipality, Jiaxing City, Hongkou, Yangpu and Lingang areas. Issued and published more than 20 pieces of works, including “Countermeasures and suggestions on construction of innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system in Shanghai”, “Enterprise innovation eco-system – Research on the connotation, evolution motive force and route”, “Practice and experience of scientific research project management in Germany” and “Popular science should be carried out for the people”. Obtained second prize of Shanghai Decision-making and Consultancy Committee, and awarded with the honor of Excellent member of Communist Party of SISS.
  Contact: wuying@siss.sh.cn