Prof. Chen Xian of Shanghai Jiaotong University at SISS Experts Rostrum as Guest

  On the afternoon of October 18, the fourth session (32nd in total) of Experts Rostrum in 2017 was held in the Academic Report Hall 1015 of the SISS. Prof. Chen Xian of Antai Economy and Management College of Shanghai Jiaotong University was invited to deliver a special topic report “Innovation, Innovation Main Bodies and Innovation Eco-system”, Luo Dajin, secretary of the CPC General Branch and general director of SISS, presided over the rostrum, Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy general director, Li Wan, deputy general director and the scientific research personnel of SISS participated in the rostrum.
  Professor Chen Xian recalled and summarized the evolution and latest development of innovation theory, elaborated in detail issues such as the transformation of innovation main bodies and the role of innovation ecosystem, and shared with participants the thinking and research results on innovation theory, innovation talents, and innovation eco-system.
  From the perspective of entrepreneurship and innovation, Professor Chen combed the development veins of economics theory and highlighted the important role of entrepreneurship in economic growth. Modern economic growth has shifted from the traditional growth mode of factor driving into a "new normal” mode of innovation driven growth, and the factor input has changed from labor, land and capital into one with broader factor inputs including technology, human capital and entrepreneurial spirit.
  Professor Chen believed that the innovation main bodies have changed from external immigrants into the fostering of internal innovation and entrepreneurial talents, while universities play an important role in fostering internal innovation talents. Given the current situation in China, the talent fostering pattern formed on the basis of deepening the reform of education system will determine the quantity and quality of human capital and innovation and entrepreneurship talents in China.
  Professor Chen also stated that the innovation eco-system determines the success rate of entrepreneurship and innovation, the innovation eco-system is in chain relations, and the pattern of innovation eco-system is changing from the mutual combination of platform entrepreneurship, enterprise internal entrepreneurship and mass entrepreneurship space to the innovation eco-system of combining with the communities (small towns), urban and bay area (city cluster).
  In the interaction session, the participants conducted further exchanges and discussions with Professor Chen on topics of the innovation ecological circle in the Silicon Valley, the innovation inside enterprises, the relationship between the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovation eco-system and culture innovation. This experts rostrum enhanced the profound cognition of the SISS scientific research personnel on the “innovation main body and innovation eco-system”, with important learning significance to the future researches in the fields of innovation talents and innovation eco-system in the SISS.