Former Yangpu District CPC Committee Secretary Chen Anjie at SISS Experts Rostrum as Guest

  On the afternoon of September 19, 2017, the third session (31st in total) of Experts Rostrum in 2017 was held in the Academic Report Hall 1015 of the SISS. Former Yangpu District CPC Committee Secretary Chen Anjie was invited to deliver a special topic report “Road of Transition of Yangpu”, Luo Dajin, secretary of the CPC General Branch and general director of SISS, presided over the rostrum, Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy general director, Li Wan, deputy general director and relevant personnel of STCSM, the soft science research base of Shanghai and scientific research personnel of SISS heard the report.
  Secretary Chen Anjie looked back the course and practice of transition and development of Yangpu over the past decade and more with full affection and wisdom, and explained the hardships and setbacks in the transition with vivid cases. Yangpu, as an old industrial base of Shanghai, suffered great pains in the industrial readjustment in the 1990s, it turned to the innovation resources of the universities and colleges since 2000, and put forward the “Knowledge Yangpu” strategy in 2003. In the face of the status quo of “large population, weak foundation and heavy debts”, the government of Yangpu District had a general plan in mind and a far sight, allocated land for universities and colleges and actively rectified the environment around the universities and colleges, and finally opened a new way of integrated and innovative development of campus, parks and communities with the value of their linked operation. The transition of Yangpu has lasted for over ten years, the government of consecutive sessions has unswervingly adhered to “one blueprint” through to the end, and today, Yangpu has scored substantial achievements in transition, and greatly enhanced its comprehensive economic strength, with its appearance taking on an entirely new look.
  The report of Secretary Chen Anjie clearly expressed his views, and explained profound theories in simple language, providing vivid cases and experience enlightenment for Shanghai to take the road of innovation drive and build a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.