Executive Director Wang Wen of Chongyang Research Institute of Renmin University of China at SISS Experts Rostrum as Guest

  On the morning of August 29, the second session (30th in total) of Experts Rostrum in 2017 was held in the Academic Report Hall 1015 of the SISS. Prof. Wang Wen, executive director of Chongyang Finance Research Institute of Renmin University of China, was invited to deliver a special topic report “Global Transition and Future of Think Tank Construction in China”, Luo Dajin, secretary of the CPC General Branch and general director of SISS, presided over the rostrum, Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy general director, and relevant personnel of STCSM, the soft science research base of Shanghai and scientific research personnel of SISS attended the rostrum.
  Prof. Wang Wen elaborated in detail the theoretical thinking and practical experience on the development of think tank on topics of the development course of Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, the development of think tanks in China in recent years, the new trend of think tank development in the United States, the positioning and mission of new type think tanks with the characteristics of China, and the currently existing problems and reform suggestions for the think tank of China.
  Prof. Wang believed that the global transformation period has brought great opportunities for the development of think tanks, and think tanks in China will have a vigorous development period. The influence of think tank is the fundamental goal of the construction of think tanks. The scope of influence should not only cover the decision-making level, but also the media and the social public, and active efforts should be made to expand the international influence. It is imperative for think tank people in China to strengthen the problem consciousness, the effectiveness consciousness, and the home and state consciousness. Finally, Prof. Wang Wen put forward reform suggestions on the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics, the first is the reform of scheming and judgment interaction mechanism, the second the reform of ideological market mechanism, the third the reform of personnel expansion mechanism, the fourth the reform of financing operation mechanism, and the fifth the reform of global propagation mechanism.
  In the interaction session, the participants conducted further exchange and discussion with Prof. Wang Wen on topics of think tank talent assessment and breakthrough in institutional mechanism. This session of expert rostrum enhanced the cognition of SISS scientific research personnel on the “construction of new type think tanks”, with important learning significance for SISS to speed up the construction of high level scientific and technological innovation think tank that is professionalized and based on platform and has its own features.
  Wang Wen, executive director and professor of Chongyang Finance Research Institute of Renmin University of China, secretary general of the Green Finance Professional Committee of China Finance Society, research fellow of the Finance Research Center of the Counsellor Office of the State Council, and member of the Standing Council of the World Socialism Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He has worked as an editorial board member (in charge of comments) and editorial drafter of the Global Times, won the “China News Award” of 2011, published over 300 articles of all categories on journals and newspapers such as Truth Seeking and People’s Daily, and his works as monograph, coauthor, translation and chief editor include over 20 books, such as Scheming, Anxiety of the United States, Phantasm of Big Powers, World Governance: Study of a History of Ideas, and 2016: China and G20. Since 2014 he has been awarded with titles such as “Top ten think tank figures in China”, “2015 development and reform leading figures in China”, he consulting expert of a number of ministries and commissions including the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of CPC, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and Wang Wen was one of the ten scholars speaking at the philosophy and social science working symposium presided over by General Secretary Xi Jinping in 2016.