Ren Ben


  Ren Ben, vice co-chairman of Shanghai Science and Technology System Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy. Master majoring in economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Presently research fellow of Innovation Policy Research Office.
  Present main research area: Scientific and technological planning and science and technology policy research in areas of energy environment, city construction and ocean, research on innovation base and platform development strategy.
  Presided over and participated in soft science project researches such as “Research on renewable energy medium and long-term development planning in Shanghai”, “Maritime science and technology development strategy in Shanghai”, “Research on index system of Chongming eco-island”, “Research on Shanghai World Expo scientific and technological action plan”, “Scientific and technological support action plan for low-carbon development of Lingang New Town” and “Research on development strategy of innovation function-based platform”.
  Awarded with second prize for scientific and technological progress in Shanghai and advanced person of Shanghai World Expo.