SISS Held the Soft Science Research Salon on “Future Trend of IOT and Digital Twin Technology”

  On the afternoon of August 2, 2017, the second session (34th in total) of Soft Science Research Salon in 2017 was held in the Academic Report Hall 1015 of the SISS. The theme of this session was “Future Trend of IOT and Digital Twin Technology”. Luo Dajin, secretary of the CPC General Branch and general director, Zhang Conghui, deputy secretary and deputy general director of SISS, and experts and scholars from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and institutions of SMIC International, Huawei Haisi, Huada Semiconductor, HH Grace and Taopu Science Smart City attended the salon. The salon was presided over by research fellow Li Wan, deputy general director of SISS.
  Velosa Alfonso, research vice president of Gartner, delivered the theme report “Future Trend of IOT and Digital Twin Technology”. He pointed out that IOT has already taken place by us silently, and also indicated with specific cases how the IOT makes contribution to enterprises by cutting cost. Velosa Alfonso also presented the architecture of IOT, and described in detail the most attractive part of the ITO, how the digital twin technology reduces workload and makes the optimal choice. He stressed that the IOT requires the coordination of multiple departments and teams, and the need to foster highly skilled people to do the work. Experts and scholars at the salon held a heated discussion on the unification and ownership of data, investment and the construction of IOT platforms for different industries.