Shi Qian

  Shi Qian, male, born in October 1967, Han nationality, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, member of the Communist Party of China, undergraduate, in-service graduate, MBA, researcher. He is currently the Party Secretary and Director of the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science.
  He used to be a member of the Party Committee and vice president of the Shanghai Academy of Sciences and concurrently the vice president of the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Technology.

Zhang Conghui

  Zhang Conghui, member of CPC and an engineer, holds a master of literature. She now works as the deputy secretary and deputy director of  SISS. Conghui assists in the daily running of SISS, as well as the general management of the general management office, the strategic planning research office and the editorial department of the megazine World Science.

  Conghui is also the director of the fourth council of Shanghai Local History Society. She used to serve as the editorial director of the megazine "East China science and technology" magazine, as well as the deputy director, the secretary of Youth League Committee, the deputy director of developement department and director of development research of the party and government office, head of the general management and the deputy secretary of discipline inspection of Shanghai Science and Technology Development Exchange Center.